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Plans shown below are for a single (one) household only. Multiple households? - please call.
(for one time payments)
Please read carefully:         
Trash must be at curbside in bags between 12-32 gallons and stored in dry conditions.
All bags must be tied. 
Individual bag weight may not exceed 40 pounds.
All recycling must be placed out on a weekly basis (especially cardboard - as we have limited space for it). 
Customers must have only accepted recyclables in their tote. (click here for printable recycling sheet)
Cardboard & pasteboard must be separated & flattened (not taken if not). Limit - 6 inch stack per week

$16.67 + tax/month: Regular Use Plan: Allows for approx. 75 pounds combined trash weight per wk with a maximum of 120 gallons per wk. The overall weight of trash must be approx.75 pounds or less. 

$19.70 + tax/month: Heavy Use Plan: Allows for approx.100 pounds combined trash weight per wk with a maximum of 150 gallons per wkThe overall weight of trash must be approx.100 pounds or less.

$25.29 + tax/month: Super Use Plan: Allows for approx.125 pounds combined trash weight per wk with a maximum of 180 gallons per wk. The overall weight of trash must be approx.125 pounds or less.

All plans include:

Optional "duplicate" electronic billing (emailed -free)

All customers may choose their method of payment, with no additional fees (mailed payment, online payment (above), Billpay©, etc....

Weekly pickup of combined "accepted" recyclables (we sort them for you).

Plan weight/volume overages and fees for most large items are charged 10 cents/pound, based on estimated weight or $.75 per kitchen bag (12 to 15 gal), and $1.50 per 30 gallon bag (whichever is greater)
Please note: All policy's and procedures described on this website are intended for informational purposes regarding the business operations of Keith's Trash and Hauling Service and may or may not reflect that of your current, or any other disposal service. Please contact those individual services for information regarding local and state regulations as well as their particular policy's and procedures.
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We cannot accept plant materials such as grass, leaves, branches, shrubs, etc... as Steuben County does not allow these materials to be disposed of at their solid waste facilities. These materials pose a very serious risk of starting landfill fires, as they generate vast amounts of heat when decomposing.

Please click here for the City of Corning's, lawn and brush pickup (hover over red stars, if applicable). This service is provided "free of charge". If you live in another area, please contact your town/village clerk for their disposal instructions/pickup schedule.